Impact the Mahoning Valley

About Us

LBLife partners with schools, sports teams and  organizations  presenting stimulating, fun, and motivating character coaching to the youth of the Mahoning Valley. 

 Since 2007, elementary & middle schools have graced us to partner with them, investing in their students. We have worked with 12 schools & 3 community groups to empower students to see a BIGGER picture of who they are, to find a BETTER way to connect to their community, and have a BOLDER voice to make their community the BEST it can be! 

Each student matters. Each student is developing who they are to become. Each student is discovering gifts & abilities they have. Each student is being LAUNCHED to deploy their special something in this world.

You aren't BORN with it. You BUILD it! Character isn't a default setting in you when you are born. Character is developed through a student's growth. It is important to help students find out how to be the BEST they can be emotionally & socially, as well as academically.

In 2007, we discovered a desire to partner with LOCAL schools & invest in their communities. Working with principals & guidance counselors, we brought our process to their students & teachers.

LEARNING about moral & civic BEHAVIOR through another voice in their school has been a positive addition to their LEARNING atmosphere. Students are regularly LIVING the positive traits we BRING to them. The opportunity to train up LEADERS to LEAD in a positive, good mannered environment is priceless. We LOVE the teachers & staff. We want to empower them to reach BROADER than they ever have before.

Help us partner with your school or organization today.

Lori Valenzisi, Character Coach