what does a session look like?

We love to have fun inspiring students to reach to LIVE BIG, LEARN BETTER, LOVE BROADER, & LEAD BOLDLY! 

When we visit with your students, we realize the time you give to us is valuable. We work hard to bring elements to enhance their learning, as well as inspire their thought process.

Each session is between 20-25 minutes & consists of these elements.


The main idea or word of the day is presented in a short statement to connect to throughout the session.


Students will discover what THE POINT is really all about. We love to get the students to interact with the discussion.


Bringing literature and history into the session enhances THE POINT & DEFINITION on an emotional level.  


An experiment engages the student's minds in a different way THE STORY reaches them.  It is a fun time to get the students thinking what might happen next!


It is valuable to take THE POINT & all of the connection elements of our session to challenge students to live out the character trait we bring to them.  We give students a chance to contemplate and commit to a LIFE APPLICATION of THE POINT.